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Many inspired Business men & woman are already good or even great at what they are doing but  they still have the feeling more could be done, maybe easier, faster and with less costs. In the age of the internet many new startegies and tactics have been developed while you are doing your job without having time to research for those new strategies and tactics your compeditor might already be using to generate more business. We are living in a very compeditve & fast developing global market.   

FIBD Connect is a departnmet of Global Project Funding AG in Switzerland. The people behind Global Project funding AG have many years of experiance in the field of Business, Marketing, Personal Development Education and Project Development. We always have observed that when many positive and like-minded people come together incredible things can happen. Opportunities, Knowledge and Relationships one might have not expected become available and new things are created.

We decided to set up this Business Community to institutionalize the process of knowledge & relarionship building and provide access to valuable information for entrepreneuirs with the incredible technologies available today. This International Business Community has the target to connect passionate entrepreneurs and to inspire, educate, motivate and empower entrepreneurs around the world!

Everybody in business has something to offer, ideas for special solutions, unique information, contacts, recommendations and, some good story‚Äôs etc. We invite you to contribute to the community valuable experiance and expertise. We like you to connect with us and profit from the possiblities you have and at the same time, we like to encourage you to share your knowledge, experiances and information with others. Register to this unique online business community of like-minded individuals.

We connect you with other passionate entrepreneurs and valuable technology, information, resources, tools, videos and inspiration contributed by the community to support you to take your business to the next level!

All content is generated by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

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